Test Center

shot blasting testing center MichiganRoberts Sinto, Sinto America, opened the Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center in 2008 at the Grand Ledge, Michigan facility. The facility includes various SST machines: a CNDR-14 Drum Blast Machine, KSB-10 Monorail Spinner Hanger, and SNTX Table Blast Machine that allows customers to test their parts to accurately decide what application best fits their needs.

Sinto has a system of surface treatment solutions unique in the industry.

It is a comprehensive system of optimized use of surface treatment technologies that includes three main elements:

  • Technologies and equipment
  • Abrasive media, wear resistant consumable parts and know-how
  • Maintenance and customer service

Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center equipment and capabilities include:

For more information on the Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center and equipment avaialble please contact Fritz Esslair at fritz.esslair@robertssinto.com or 517-371-2460 or call Sinto today to set up an appointment.