Wet Type Systems

Roll Flow – Features

Features of Sinto Surface Treatment’s Wet type systems:

  • Providing higher processing speed, low noise and operating cost
    • Five functions built in, One compact unit
  • High energy mass finishing generated by troidal action.
  • Reduction of Finishing time, high energy mass finishing greatly reduces finishing time
    • Finishing time is 5 to 10 times faster than vibratory barrel finishing
    • Finishing time is 5 to 10 times faster than rotating barrel finishing
  • Start to finish is fully automated
    • Direct labor cost savings
    • Fully automatic operation from parts loading to discharge results in very low direct labor cost
    • Reduction of finishing time results in increased productivity and low operating cost
  • Less parts impingement improves surface finish
    • Roll Flow finishing gives a uniform, damage free surface
  • Improved work environment
    • Low noise and vibration levels provide pleasant operating conditions
    • Media and parts flow smoothly resulting in reduced noise level compared with other finishing machines
  • Improved work plant flow
    • Roll Flow can be interfaced with various production systems and factory layouts. Inline operations, work cells operations, all possible.
  • Complete and Compact
    • Sequence controller, valuable speed, tub rinsing, all standard features
    • Roll Flow takes up less floor space than other finishing machines of equal production capacity
  • Broad spectrum of machines and systems
    • There is a unit available to meet production requirement and budget

Roll Flow – Specs

  1. Fully automatic models: EVF-06R, 08R, 10R
    • Automatic loading, finishing, unloading, separation and finishing operation. Select from 3 sizes to meet required production capacity. Optional magnetic separator is alluvial for difficult to screen parts.
  2. Manual model: EVF-04
    1. Best sized for processing small parts or small lot sizes. Open top for easy inspection of parts. 90 degree tilting of chamber permits easy unloading of media and parts. Optional small screen separator is available.

More more information on Sinto Surface Treatment’s high energy, wet type mass finishing machines, please call 517-371-2460.