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Shot Blasting Machines & Surface Treatment Systems

Shaker Blast Machine Benefits:

Sinto Surface Treatment’s Shaker Blast Machine offers many benefits.

  • Greatly reduced work force- for fettling, no workers are required to transport castings
  • Comfortable and safe working conditions- Gat cutting performed after blasting is more comfortable; No more hot and dusty work conditions
  • Saves floor space- compact layout is possible requiring only about half the floor space of an equiivalent batch type machine.
  • Reduced lead time- continuous blasting minimizes time loss.



Capacity: ton/hr3~76~117~1411~20
Max. work piece weight150kg
Max. work piece size800 x 550 x 400 mm
ImpellerMotor22kwh x 522kwh x 622kwh x 730kwh x 9