Dry-Type Systems

Mass Finishing Systems

Sinto offers dry type systems and wet type systems for mass finishing.

Barrel polishing machines of Sinto have universal applications.

They are the optimum solution for all kinds of finishing operations such as deburring, descaling, edge rounding, smoothing and glaze finishing of machined, pressed, sintered, die-cast and heat-treated parts and products.

A wide variety of equipment is available at Sinto as a ready answer to the needs of customers in this industrial field.

Dry Type Systems

The Dry Roll Flow and Dry Centrifugal Barrel, used with specially developed media can perform finishing processes such as deburring, descaling and polishing without the use of water. The machine does not need waste water treatment equipment as well as cleansing, rust proofing and drying processes after polishing. It contributes to the reduction of environment load, and proposes cleaner and comfortable working environment.


  • Reduces Rusting- no wastewater treatment necessary
  • No compounds necessary
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low cost operation
  • Clean work environment
  • Reduces Sticking of thing parts
  • Reduces deformation of parts
  • Reduces surface hardening of parts


  • Deburring of machined parts
  • Deburring of powder metal parts
  • Descaling of heat-treated parts
  • Surface Improvement