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CNDR Drum Blast

Sinto Surface Treatment is pleased to present our line of highly engineered, robust, machine tool quality blasting and mass finishing systems to meet all of your finishing requirements. As the worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of specialized blasting and finishing systems, SST has the experience and history to provide the equipment developed specifically for your toughest application. Sinto Surface Treatment,  the largest centrifugal wheel blast manufacture in the world, is now offering our drum blast machines in sizes ranges from   1 CUFT – 35CUFT with load capacities range from as small as 200 LBS  to as large as 7500 LBS.

“With 5 years of operational reliability, since replacing our old tumble blast machine, we have saved our company over $225,000 and the Sinto drum blast machine had an ROI of under 2 years. Those kind of numbers are easy to sell to upper management.” -Tom Aument, Facilities and Maintenance Manager, Blackmer

Loading- Avoids breakage and damage to parts with smooth, reliable operations. It can be programmed to stop and start based on part configurations and ease of parts loading. Optional soft load capabilities distributes parts closer to the drum. Agitating and Cleaning- The systems core is a ware resistant magnesium drum available in 3 to 35 cubic foot volumes, supporting parts up to 90 lbs and 22 inches. The incredible durable of magnesium allows for a greatly increased working life. This process decreases cycle time over conventional steel belt and tumbling blast by as much as 50 percent and the maintenance cost saving alone are worthy upgrade from conventional steel belted tumble belt with no flights to replace, no chains to break, and no pins to ware out. Customers report up to 50% parts saving over the life of the machine. Unloading- With cycle complete, parts easily discharge from the drum into an automatic unload system.

To learn more, please contact fritz.esslair@robertssinto.com.


Sinto Surface Treatment’s CNDR Machines features smooth load/unload capabilities, highly efficient finishing due to oscillation during the blast cycle, and a zero pinch design, virtually eliminating jams in the conventional mill. The CNDR models are capable of cleaning a broader range of castings, and by virtue of their design, require significantly lower maintenance than conventional tumble-type blast machines.

Drum Applications Include:

  • Removal of impurities
  • Removal of burrs & fins
  • Surface roughing
  • Peening


High Efficiency Reverse Flow Air Wash Technology

Consistent and Highly Efficient Finishing

Zero Pinch Design Eliminates Jams

Reduces Maintenance and Minimizes Downtime, More efficient blast cycle

Smooth, Reliable Loading and Unloading

Faster blasting cycle due to improved direct drive whee

Significantly fewer parts to ware

Floor mounted separating unit for easy monitoring of abrasive cleaning

No leak design

One piece manganese drum construction

Shot consumption can be reduced to lengthen the service lives of consumable parts.

Systems are available in process capacities of 6, 10, 22 & 35 cubic feet.


Machine Description6 cuft. 14 cuft.22 cuft.35 cuft.
Max Charge Volume9'2"
Max Charge Weight5.3 cuft./load14.1 cuft./load21.2 cuft./load35 cuft./load
Max Part Weight800 lbs/load1750 lbs/load2650 lbs/load4400 lbs/load
Max Part Weight22 lbs80 lbs90 lbs110 lbs
Max Part Dimension12:0016"22"15.75"
Blast Wheel Motor HP20hp40hp60hp75hp
Abrasive Flow Rate365 lbs/min790 lbs/min1015 lbs/min1800 lbs/min
DC-Sand Removal2500cfm3600cfm5000cfm7100cfm
Loader DeviceBucketBucketBucketBucket
Max Part Temp. @ Inlet150 degree F150 degree F150 degree F150 degree F


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