Sinto has a track-record of delivering the technologically advanced solutions for the gear industry. Our gear manufacturing solutions cover the spectrum and include aerospace, automotive, off road and mechanical drive / power transmission industries .Gears are a core component of a vast majority of equipment. Sinto’s Surface Treatment enables smaller, lighter and stronger gears.

In addition to our surface preparation solutions Sinto also provides solutions for peening metal surfaces to improve the consistency of compressive residual stresses in the surface layer of metal parts. Our solutions include the ability to measure the compressive residual stresses after the peening process to validate the values achieved in the peening process. This is an inline process that can be done in as little as 10 seconds.

For those companies looking for contract services to either clean and/or peen gear surfaces Sinto provides contract blasting and precision shot peening services through our Technical Metal Finishing and National Peening divisions.

Sinto is a one stop shop for all of your surface preparation requirements. If you have shot blasting / peening requirements please contact Ron Dziuda.

Gear Brochure

If you have shot blasting needs for a gear application, please contact Ron Dziuda.

Ron Dziuda 

North American Gears Sales Manager:
Tel: 847-340-1549