Die Casting

Sinto offers optimal solutions using the latest surface treatment and environmental technology to improve die casting processes.

Sinto offers solutions to facilitate construction of advanced die casting facilities. Sinto has been providing technical and production systems to die casting and other manufacturing sites for many years. Experience the Sinto Difference in your die casting business!

  • ¬†Die Cast Parts Cleaning & Surface Blast
    1. Completely deburrs and deflashes products
    2. Prevents deformation and gouging of product surface from the cleaning process
    3. Improves overall aesthetic quality of products
    4. Prevents uneven coating on products by creating a uniform surface profile
    5. Custom blast profiles and gentle media reduces product deformation
    6. Superior machine design prevents shot leakage on the shop floor
    7. Reduces power consumption by proper sizing of system components and advance control design features
  • Environmental and Safety Features
    1. Removes dust, exhaust gases and oil aerosols to promote a clean work environment
    2. Waste water systems to optimally treat waste water at the factory
    3. Recycles and extends life of abrasives
    4. Dust handling systems designed to prevent fire and dust explosions
    5. Equipment designed with operator ergonomics and safety in mind
  • Cost Reduction for tooling and process improvement
    1. Reduces die’s casting surface defects through D-check & D-flow
    2. D-SCC, D-Flow and D-Check extend usable mold and insert life
    3. Reduces overall equipment maintenance cost by extending the life of tooling

We identify and solve problems of various processes and make proposals from the customer’s point of view utilizing our knowledge of global manufacturing. Sinto covers a wide range of manufacturing fields and always offers optimal solutions (including surface treatment processes that improve the value of product surfaces, air cleaners, waste water treatment and other environmental systems) that reduce the operator’s burden in die casting facilities.