About Us

Sintokogio, LTD. located in Nagoya, Japan, has been a long-time leading company in surface treatment, manufacturing shot blasting, air blasting, mass finishing, brush finishing, and micro blasting machines. In 2004, Roberts Sinto Corporation introduced Sinto Surface Treatment (SST), a market division to introduce Sinto's blast equipment to the North American market. 

Roberts Sinto Corporation opened the "Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center" in Grand Ledge manufacturing facility in 2008 and provides testing for customers on numerous types of shot blasting machines including the KSB-10 Spinner Hanger, CNDR-14 Drum Blast, and the SNTX Table Blast

Roberts Sinto established Roberts Sinto de Mexico in 2006 located in Monterrey, Mexico. As a part of Sinto America, they help develop new customers in the gorwing mexican market and provide equipment in both the foundry and surface treatment industry as well as parts and service. 

In 2011, Sinto America acquired National Peening, headquartered in North Carolina. National peening started in 1986 to provide quality shot peening services. Orginally founded in Statesville, NC, National Peening has expanded to four other locations including Wilmington, NC, Greenville, SC, Salem, VA, and Bedford Heights, OH. 

Sinto Surface Treatment is continuing to expand in North America and recently acquired in 2014 the assets of Technical Metal Finishing, Inc. in Wallingford, CT. TMF is a contract manufacturer that specializes in shot peening, high technical surface finsihing and thermal spray coatings for the aerospace and medical industries.